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The Founder Of True Story®

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LeUndrear Giles (Giles) is a southern lady. While she is a native of Andrews, South Carolina, Giles
currently resides in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Anyone who comes across her path is fortunate to
experience the love, character, and optimism that she carries towards life. Giles sees no boundaries and
there is never a dull moment with her. One of her favorite quotes is:

“I am. I can. I will. I am a child of God; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I will
overcome any obstacles that lie before me through the faith God has entrusted in me.”

Giles is a licentiate minister of nineteen years (licensed in 2001). Giles knows through her personal
experiences that if God does not do it then it can’t be done. She uplifts others through prayer as she is
also advent in her prayer life. She often encourages others to always see the good in any situation.

Giles is not only passionate about her faith and belief in God but also, she is family oriented. Other than
loving the monotheistic God, she gains the most joy from her two daughters (Destiny & Jazsmin) who
she places at the top of her world.

Giles is a proud graduate of Denmark Technical College (1998). She served as Miss Denmark Technical
College in the year 1998. She is a twenty-year Insurance Consultant. She has gained certification as a
National PHLEBOTOMIST TECHNICIAN. However, her passion is coaching others and she is a certified Life
Coach by New Skills Academy.

Her teachings which are True Stories can be shared with people of all walks of life regardless of their
age, race, or ethnicity. She has a way of being able to reach out to anyone, and the knowledge from her
teachings will always stick with you.